MissLopez on Swedish films sometimes

Hello there! Here I am in a photo session. I hope you like it! Thanks to this picture I got an ad job on TV for TV4 in Sweden a while ago.

Well, tomorrow is the 1st of November and I don’t like the thing that it’s so dark in Sweden this time of the year, so I hope Feelgood Blogging as I call it, it will cheer me up and you can help me too.

Well some friends have just called me to tell me they have seen me on Swedish TV in different programs and I didn’t know. I haven’t told you much about it but participating in films, TV series…is one of my hobbies, or even kind of job sometimes, it depends how much the telephone rings :)…In fact I’ve been in many films working more or less like an extra but most of the time I don’t even have it in mind, so when people tell me I do not even remember. I’m not good at recollecting, sorry!

I must say it’s a lot of fun and I’ve had the opportunity to meet most of the famous Swedish actors. Like the one I did at the end of this summer with Ola Rapace and Peter Magnusson among others. Check it out! Next time I’ll bring my camera with me and I promise I’ll keep you updated in the future with my extra film-jobbs and Swedish actors .

I think MissLopez’s blog and the show-business goes very well along too.  In the past I’ve been studing at university and working so much that I’ve never even though the show-business it could be something for me as I’ve never really tried. I’d be cool to work for Almodovar :)….Let´s see but it’s fun anyway!

Thanks to my blogg I’m giving my hand to the association for extras in Sweden. Check it out too!. Statist Tommie is the president.

You know, even as a hobby, there is no business, like the show-business, and it’s true!

Have Fun even in November and Feelgood!