MissLopez Halloween tips: “scary” cocktail for everybody

Hello! I hope it’s not too late to enjoy the party but here comes a” Scary Orange “, in two versions: with and without alcohol so this is a good cocktail tip for everybody. You do like this:

5 parts Sweet Orange juice
7 raspberries
1 default
1 part lemon juice
2 teaspoons sugar
1 vanilla pod

We can choose a broad-based low glass that evokes the shape of a pumpkin. First introduced berries, vanilla bean, along with sugar, and crush all.
Add the lemon juice, stir well and add crushed ice or pile type.
Finally, we introduce the orange juice gradually. In this way the mixture is achieved with a color simulating flames.
Alcohol version:
At the time of adding the lemon juice, add 2 parts vodka.

Myself I don’t like vodka so I prefer the first version without alcohol.

Enjoy MissLopez’s scary cocktail and Feelgood