MissLopez's Zumba news: Zumba4u+Stockholm=Feelgood!

Hola amigos y amigas! Here again with more Zumba news!
Do you remember my last post about my business lunch with Carlos from Zumba4u at the Old town in Stockholm? Good News!  Zumba is growing rapidly all over Sweden and the Stockholm’s City Sport management office has showed interest in Zumba in locations around Stockholm.  Zumba4u would be giving a lecture in Stockholm this Saturday for people to try Zumba. Nice! So keep your eyes open as Zumba and someone in your group “zumberos” will soon come to a gym near you.
If you have any question, send an mail to Carlos at  Zumba4u@live.se. More information at Zumba4u. Chek it out!
Viva Latin dance Zumba and everything that makes you feel good! 🙂

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