MissLopez News: Miss World 2010, this time from USA

Embargada por la emociĂłn, Alexandria Mills saluda por primera vez como Miss Mundo 2010

Hello, MissLopez here! I still don’t know if I am really for or against as long as there is a Mister World 🙂 contest too but here comes the new Miss World this time from USA, so Miss USA is the winner this year. The new Miss World was born in Kentucky and is 18 years of age. She recognizes she has many concerns and she would like to travel around the world. Alexandria Mills claims to have a special talent for singing and confessed her passion for photography. In fact, in the coming months she will have to decide which college she wants to study.

I guess there are much more important things to talk about but it’s nothing wrong to enjoy the beauty in itself!

Allways looking for the beauty inside & out and Feelgood!