Viva MissLopez’s blog: MissLopez+Victoria Gomez=Feelgood!

Hello again! I’m here again after a busy day but happy to be back. Thank God I have my assistant to give me a hand: MisterLopez! 🙂

Well, I must say a lot of good things are happening to me thanks to my blogg+social media like Facebook. Because of this I’ve met this really nice woman living in Sweden who is originally from Uruguay in South America, and of course when we met we spoke in Spanish. Great!

Like the business women that we are, we had a meeting at the gym where I work out, Balance at Stureplan, Stockholm. We talked about projects for MissLopez, like MissLopez awards, a MissLopez’s book…Cool!

I look forward to having my next meeting with Victoria. By the way she is very good at translations and she has the same passion as me about sharing to everybody our Latin culture to make you Feelgood! Viva womens cooperation! Together we will feel even better!