MissLopez tips: Try Spanish shoes “a la Sex and the City”!

Hola amigos y amigas! I’ve had a working day as agent of the Spanish shoes that I sell, VictoriaDelef, so I went to visit ANWR, originally from Germany but here you see me in their office in Stockholm to sell Spanish shoes of course! The good thing about ANWR is that as the owner of your shoe shop, you’ll enjoy shoe collections from basic to fashion class. Thanks to ANWR’s agreements with external suppliers as shoe retailer, you’ll have the ability to trade by aprox.185  suppliers in Sweden, and over 1,000 in all of Europe! Great!

I am waiting for their respons but if the answer is ‘Yes’, it could be very good thing specially if they make a big order. Let´s see! I´ll keep my fingers crossed! 🙂

ANWR got interested in Ballerinas by VictoriaDelef as a kind of Sex and the City thing. Very chic and I’ll tell you why! Smartina is an unique ballerina that comes in great variety of models and colors. You can use it everywhere, at work, traveling, parting…after a long day with high heels or winter shoes. Perfect to be inside and Chic! You can fold it in a handy little bag and carry it wherever you go. In your pocket for example?

Enjoy Chic- Comfort while walking and Feelgood!

Any question?, contact MissLopez Agency at Bienvenidos!