MissLopez’s tips for a “terrific” Halloween night!

Are you ready for Halloween? Myself I am a very scary person for these things, and you?
Anyway, the holidays of All Saints, the Dead, or Halloween provides a new opportunity to plan something with your friends and why not do some travelling? The supernatural creatures, the Zombies, spells, witches, devils, murderers, pumpkins and skeletons are the organizers of this celebration full of terror all over the world.suggest some destinations in one night to tremble with fear:
Multi-cultural New York, the largest parade in the world
At 2030 hours on October 31, New York largest Halloween parade in the world begins, where monsters, ghosts and the most colorful fantasy creatures move to the rhythm of the street gangs that enliven the evening. It’s the most spectacular shows and surprises await at every corner: museums, zoos, terrifying the city tours and even the lively parties where repeats that trick or treating.
Path of Witchcraft in Navarra in Spain
Four hundred years are met in 2010 the Auto de Fe marked forever left the town of Zugarramurdi, whose cave today still remains shrouded in magic for having been the scene in the seventeenth century covens and orgies in the light of the moon. The occasion is ideal for walking these days one of the four routes proposed witchcraft Navarra Tourism, among which includes a visit to this mythical cave and the museum of Bruges, next to other itineraries that lead to Anocíbar, Auritz / Burguete and Bargota.
and of course, Viva Mexico!
The tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times and many places across the country to honor their dead on the 1st and 2nd November: Janitzio (Michoacán), Puebla, Catemaco, Tecómitl … But if there is a unique place has a special attachment is San Andres Mixquic, a celebration that includes everything from music, dance and theater, music, guided tours and a variety of traditional elements, with special attention to the food.
Try a more Latin Halloween too and Feelgood!
Let me know your most “scary” experience…:)