Spanish Penelope Cruz at her sixth month of pregnancy in London

Hello again! Another happy couple to be inspired of! And this one from Spain!

Today I feel like talking about one of the most famous Spanish couples, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. They attended the premiere at the London Film Festival. Bardem was reunited with his wife and her sister, Monica Cruz, in the Groucho Club for dinner and spent a pleasant evening together. Here in the picture.

Penelope moved to London a few weeks ago to finish filming the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean alongside Johnny Depp. The artist who is in her sixth month of pregnancy wore a loose black dress that barely showed her bulging tummy. In the face of both the happiness of their future parenthood is reflected, can’t you see it?

Apparently, Monica Cruz, Penelope’s sister could have replaced her sister in some scenes from the film Penelope given that it is already impossible to hide her pregnancy. As it did years ago in an advertisement, Monica was the perfect double of her sister, who keeps a strong physical resemblance. That’s what family is for!
I look forward to seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with Johnny Depp too, don’t you?
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