For or against: Miss World contest in China

Las 120 aspirantes a la corona de Miss Mundo 2010 han posado en bikini en la playa de Yalong, en Sanya, al sur de China
Hello Miss Lopez here!
This year, the election of the new Miss World was held in China due to withdrawal from Vietnam’s bid to host the beauty contest, one of the largest in its category. It will be the most candidates participants contesting in its history.
The 120 applicants have given their presence in China to make contact with the country. They have visited the facilities of the Shanghai Expo, to be greeted like stars, and have participated in a charity auction to raise money for the island of Hainan.
Myself I am still looking for the right answer, for or against. And now what do you think, are you for or against for these kind of beauty contests? Let me know!
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