Today business lunch at Old Town in Stockholm with Latino Zumba!

Hello again!

Here you see Zumba instructor originally from Peru living in Sweden, Carlo. We had a business lunch today at Vapiano in the Old Town of Stockholm. It’s so funny as he and I  have “just” a bit of a problem talking the same language! My spanish is from Spain and his is from Perú, South America with different expressions to the same things but it’s a lot of fun! Spanish from everywhere! By the way really nice pizza’s there at the Italian restaurant, Vapiano! See, MissLopez and Zumba, what a great combination as business partners!

I am afraid my assistant MisterLopez is not feeling well today and he is having mostly tea at home. I hope he’ll be feeling better tomorrow to help me with my tasks at MissLopez’s Blog. But talking about this meeting, I think it’s great to have a colaboration with Zumba and his company that is about to sign a contract with “Stockholm City” as they seem interested in having Zumba. Fun and Healthy, that’s what Zumba is all about! From now you’ll have more news about Zumba from Carlo and his company, so don’t you miss Zumba in Stockholm you too! Check it out Carlo’s site:

By the way MissLopez is growing a lot. Thank you to You all!

Back with more news with a Latin touch  soon. Hasta la Vista Babies! 🙂