See Woody Allen’s Tall Dark Stranger: Spanish Antonio Banderas

Hello out there! Do you think the grass is greaner at the other side? Check then Woody Allen’s latest film with Antonio Banderas among others!
But first, have you already paid atention to Jon Kortajarena, the hottest Spanish model ever (I should say from the Basque country in the north of Spain so nobody gets angry or something…) at the new advertising campaign for H&M today? At least in Stockholm you can see H&M ads almost everywhere. He is the guy and I think he is a really handsome man with style. And you, do you like Jon’s looks? Talking about Spanish men, here comes the next one. As I’ve said to you in one of my past posts, I went to the cinema at Stureplan yesterday with some friends to see Woody Allen’s latest film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Strange and the one in question is of course Spanish Antonio Banderas. The plot: Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) and Helena (Gemma Jones) divorce and he marries a prostitute, Charmaine (Lucy Punch), while she is takes refuge in a fake fortune teller (Cristal — Pauline Collins). Their daughter Sally (Naomi Watts) has a troubled married with author Roy (Josh Brolin), who once had a promising career but is now foundering. Sally them considers having an affair with her boss at an art gallery — Greg (Antonio Banderas). Roy falls for Dia (Freida Pinto), a musicologist he sees through a window near his and Sally’s flat. He convinces Dia to break off her engagement. Very Woody Allen! In the end, all are dissatisfied with their choices, except for Helena, who has found companionship in a widower.  The film is the fourth Allen has shot in London, England. See more at:

I really enjoyed the film that after a while it really makes you think. I think Woody Allen is a master in philosophical issues (I love it!) like human dissatisfation and how we most human beings manage “never” be completely satisfied with what we have, always looking for something else that “never” comes thinking the paradise is out there but not within us. Is that so that happiness is at the other side and we’ll never be able to reach it? I think Woody Allen is very good at taking this issue. I believe we have more power than we think and we make our own reality.  Just blaming our fates on others, or  complaining instead of  doing something constructing, is not the positive way, but I do know it’s not easy! Be thankful for the gifts in your life instead and Feelgood!

The grass is as green as you want it to be! Enjoy Woody Allen´s latest film!

You can make it if you really want. Choose to be  happy and Feelgood