MissLopez’s tips: Italian glamour “a la Tiffany’s” for your hair!

Do you need a bit of glamour for your hair? Great cocktails, luxury dinners, parties, weddings … This is one of the classics for your hair, a bet which does not usually fail. The Italian bun is also one of those listed that have been most successful among the great beauties of the cinema:  the legendary Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And its elegant, refined taste and extreme sophistication make it one of the most popular hairstyles for those most glamorous events.
Want to know how to get it, step by step? Keep reading!

1. First, after an overhaul of the hair with a nourishing shampoo, dry and smooth with a wide brush to achieve a smooth and soft.

2. Then the stylist has five strands of hair around large rollers, to fluff the hair and give it volume.

3. After removing the rollers, the root is carded with a comb to create the database by applying a lacquer with natural ingredients that do not damage the scalp. Now your hair has the necessary volume. Comb your hair without fear of undoing the carding of the root.

4. The next step is the removal of your hair to the side leaving a tuft at the front.

5. The hair pulled to the left side in this case, and is held in a vertical row of pins. The stylist applied a lot of  spray and supported every step taken.

6. Then all the hair turns to the other side twisting on its axis, and raising both the central part of the hair getting a slight and subtle toupee.

7. And finally the hair is collected, except for the lock of the front that has been let loose, there are now following their natural shape accentuating a small wave. And Voilá!

A bonus: If you want in the back you can decorate with some tiny detail that complements a refined collected.
Enjoy Hairdressing with style for the best occasions and Feelgood.