How likely is MissLopez to remarry?

Hello! I am taking a break in my studies in statistics at Stockholm’s university today so I take the chance to write to you. The thing is, I saw this picture in a magazine (not me by the way) and I thought maybe some of you want to get married some day. Myself  I can’t tell at the moment, but right now it sounds very unlikely (it depends of the candidates too I guess). I am studying statistic data at university and my head is all about probability studies now.  One good case to study will be however, how likely I am to get married again? As I have been married twice (yes two times in Sweden) and if I happen to marry again, the third time, it has to be the last one, don’t you think so? Meanwhile I feel like giving my tips, Misslopez’s tips.  Check this too: Sociology at Stockholm’s University
Very important, don’t get nervous! Sometimes the nerves play a trick on us, not just at the altar: also during the months before the wedding so keep reading!
A key factor in keeping away pre-wedding stress on you is to have space at home where it is forbidden to speak about the wedding preparations. Sometimes you may end up trying to control everything… and anyone. So delegate some tasks to your partner, as the organization of your honeymoon, transportation, or the DJ and music for after the banquet.
Bridesmaids, sisters, cousins and even the bridesmaid, are  always the best allies to take care of small details: sure if you ask for help, they’ll be happyWho does not want to play to be wedding planner for a day?
A major source of concern during the preparation is money: do not miss my tips ‘anti-crisis’ to cut costs. And of course, doing sports regularly not only help you to have a perfect silhouette, it is the healthiest way as well to manage stress and keep nerves in place. Running, swimming, dancing will help you escape and get away a few hours a week in the mountains of catalogs and samples waiting at home. Do not obsess over the details, it is important to stay calm. Focus on the ‘general picture’, forget the little details that only you are aware, and enjoy your magical day, no matter what! I hope you like my wedding tips!
And a very good question, how likely do you think MissLopez is to marry again? :). Have a guess!
Whatever feel good!