What has MissLopez been doing today?

MissLopezHola amigos y amigas!. How are you doing today?. I hope very well.

You know, “expect nothing, hoping for the best” this is my filosophy as in life anything is for granted. You never know so today I want to Thank You to all of you as in just one day my traffic has become three times more. How could this happen?. Fun!

I am so happy about having my own blog and even the contact with my mother is better now. She reads my blog in Spain while I am in Sweden these days.

Meanwhile this morning I´ve had a networking event at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm in a conference about doing business with China. Maybe MissLopez should think big, China!. What do you think?. The best part, I´ve met a friend I haven´t seen for years!.  Tomorrow it´ll be another busy day, but I love it.

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Thanks again and Feel very good!.

Hasta la vista everybody!