MissLopez Fashion tips: gray day and night

Hi here with MissLopez stylist tips! Want to know what one of the main trends of autumn / winter 2010-2011 is? Check out the runway and, without much effort, find the gray color sweeps!
But take note: There is both day and night. Thus, in the early hours triumph pearl and charcoal shades, and by the time the sun sets, silver shades are the preferred choice by designers. However, if you dress in gray choose to combine with shades of brown, ‘camel’ or red. Contrast will create a very fashionable and you will be the one with most style of all.
FOR THE DAY: 1. The model Joan Smalls, with a set of Marc Jacobs (autumn-winter 2010-2011); 2. waistcoat gray point low finish peaks, Armand Basi, 3. Bag with long strap 4. pirate pants cotton, Benetton, 5. padded hooded jacket, Lacoste, 6. cover motorcycle helmet metallic color of HelmetDress and 7. Deportiva with rubber tip, Converse model ‘Star Player’.

I must say I love colours, all colour!

Enjoy gray this Fall too and Feelgood