Win my, MissLopez’s heart, with a nice pair of shoes!

Joke again! 🙂
Actually you’ll need much more than that to win MissLopez’s heart but you can try!
Well, according to the independent study Barometer of the influence of footwear in the personal image, by the research firm My research to Kiwi-brand shoe care in Spain, “25 percent of Spanish women have more than 20 shoes” and nearly 70 percent say they spend much money on shoes. In addition, 9 out of 10 believe that “it is in the shoes where you see people´s taste” and “give a touch of style”. These data further reinforce the work environment where 85 percent of women admit to judge their colleagues, bosses and clients by the clothing and shoes they wear.
The study shows that women are more concerned about the image of shoes than men and I am afraid I am one of them. I love shoes! If I could I’d buy fashion even more often. My problem is I am a bit of a shopp addict but under control. I don’t smoke, drink just sometimes with moderation but I love shopping. What shall I do? Nobody is perfect!
By the way, I sell shoes too so ask me if you dare!  Check Victoria Delef and Feelgood
And you, do you have more than 20 pairs of shoes at home? I do.