MissLopez fashion tips: Fall eyebrow trend with colours

Tendencias de maquillaje para cejas -

Hello on this Sunday afternoon!

Look at this! The color is the star of the season, you see…but this time on your eyebrows, so get ready for this Fall 2010-2011!. This fall, do not forget to make up your eyebrows: fantasy, terra cotta, vivid colors … Choose your trend and discover how to get it.

Give your eyes a special touch. How? Making up your eyebrows! Dare to paint in bright colors, to elongate your eye shadow on them, give them a touch of whimsy for the night …
Myself, I think it’s nice with beautiful eyebrows but I am not sure if I’d dare with the one on the right, at least for the moment, but maybe at a Halloween party :). And you, which color would you dare?
A litle kiss on Sunday and Feelgood!
Have a nice day!