Swedish Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo

Victoria y Daniel de Suecia

Hej! Back to blogging again! Spanish people and I guess many more nationalities as well love the news about Princess Victoria of Sweden, so reading the Spanish news I’ve found this and I must say I love this picture too. I think a red color suits Victoria, one of my favorite colors. Very Swedish anyway, don’t you think?

The Prince attended the opening ceremony of the Swedish Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. In this room, the royal couple could find numerous sightings such as the virtual autopsy table. This is an unique, interactive table to explore the inside of a human being and was built in Sweden by the Norrköping Visualization Center in collaboration with the CMIV. They also visited the pavilions of other countries like Britain, Iceland and China during the same day. In addition, the Princess opened a forum on health and health care under the titleHealth and Care of Tomorrow “ and attended the seminar “The resistance to antibiotics, an emerging threat to global public health”, while the Prince went to the entitled “International Research Collaborative for Health and Welfare.”

I am curious person so I wish I were there in China too. I myself am very interested in these issues. Interesting, isn’t it?

Do you think “curiosity killed the cat”? 🙂 Instead keep your curiousity alive and Feelgood