Do you believe in angels? Check Kate Perry!

Hi again in this cold Saturday morning in Sweden! As I’ve said before I have a lot of tasks to do today so I’ll  sit down in front my computer at home all day doing nothing but writing and studying. I should put a “Do not disturb” sign outside my door, just in case so you know.
Last night I have a dream about angels too. Do you believe in angels? Then look at this picture! This woman is so cool and I love her hair too in the picture. Everything looks just like U.S. singer Kate Perry will participate in the famous Christmas parade organized by the lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret each year, which on this occasion will be held on 10 November, as the firm said in a statement.
Angel or not, I am sure she will make a very good angel for the firm so I look forward to seeing her in her new roll.
Myself, I am not sure if I’m an “angel” all the time but I’ll try. 🙂
Dare to show the sweet angel inside of you too and Feelgood