A naked political campaign from Catalonia, Spain. Check it out!

Don’t worry! It sounds worse than it really is. This is just another way to do a political campaign and this time from Catalonia, Spain. In order to win votes in the elections, Albert Rivera deputy party leader, appeared in the 2006 election propaganda without clothes and now, has chosen a similar strategy: he is dressed in the ad but uses a number of people walking around naked. Under the slogan Rebel, Ciutadans this morning uses its election video with the intention of overcoming the three seats he had in the last election.
The ad seeks to raise the Catalonia, in its opinion, imposed by Catalan nationalism during 30 years of democracy as CiU and the tripartite parties, including the PSC. Therefore, the video invites rebellion of several groups. In the same video, we see Rivera walking down the street dressed in a population-Premier-, who is then joined by several people. The first one is a pregnant woman at home reading the Internet news in which Catalan language is the only used in education, the second one, a Spanish police woman remove the uniform and also comes to the street without clothes to protest the cuts in their salaries, the third one stopped and the fourth, a seller who receives a fine for giving Castilian trade label. I can understand it as nationalism in some regions in Spain can be too much. Myself I am from Galicia and it is more of the same. By the way, in the video you can hear both catalan and spanish languages.
Well this is a diferent way to protest in politics I guess! I think Spanish people can be very “original” sometimes, don’t you think? And you, would you dare to get naked to protest for your rights?
Myself I’ll have to think about it. Joke! 🙂
Meanwhile check the video
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