MissLopez tips: Looking for a sexy Halloween costume?

Hi there! Talking about taboo’s? Do you know that they make things more interesting and desirable? Like alcohol in nordic countries, Sweden…or sex in the Southern countries like Italy or Spain for example. This is like human nature works I am afraid
So well, big issues aside, if you want to experience a ‘picant time’ with a lot of fun Halloween this year, try the new collection I’ve found on Victoria’s Secret or similar. This firm has launched a small collection of Halloween costumes for 2010 on its website with the introduction of a line of sexy dresses for women. See the picture!
Kitty, a hostess, bride, dancer or “cow girl” are just some of the proposals in this fashion house launches for all who are interested. Are you getting ready? Show off (in the right place by the way) the real you inside with nice lingerie!
I am pretty confident that if you put some of them on the night of October 31 you’ll feel very good as well!. 🙂
Get ready to have fun at Halloween 2010 and Feelgood! It’s only once in your life time.