Having second thoughts at Stureplan

Hello world!.

Too much social life these days, I need a rest! And what’s better that being at home during the coming cold weekend in Stockholm! I have actually  lots of things to catch up to like ending up at a thesis at Stockholm’s university talking about the connection betwen blogging and Feelgood: Feelgood Blogging!

I’m here in a coffee shop in Stureplan with a friend this afternoon before my weekend isolation. We were having second thoughts about how people in general get influenced by their own culture that make them/us very narrow minded sometimes. I think it´s quite normal. Like in nordic countries there is a taboo about alcohol (still most people drink without moderation during the weekends; not me though…) while in southern countries in Europe the taboo is more about sex…Nobody is perfect! 🙂 Well, I’ll tell you more about it another day.

Enjoy the “good” things in life with moderation and Feelgood