Feelgood like Princess Madeleine doing what you really want


Hello!. I think Madeleine is so beautiful in this picture. She seems to feel good. Maybe one reason can be her work at the NGO Save the children in New York.

Here Queen Silvia of Sweden, and daughter, Princess Madeleine, made once more use of their position and influence on behalf of children and I think it’s good. Their commitment to children led the mother and daughter to New York to attend the launch of a radio campaign to prevent child abuse and exploitation. The campaign is an initiative of the NGO World Childhood Foundation (Foundation for the Children of the World) founded and directed by the Queen, and the radio station SIRIUS XM. A presentation was attended according to Hola, besides the royal ladies, the President of the SIRIUS radio network XM, Scott Greenstein, the former members of ABBA Frida and Björn Ulvaeus, the actress Lena Olin, the film director Lasse Hallstrom, the professional golfer Jesper Parnevik, and the New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, among others.

As everybody knows the Princess Madeleine takes a year off working for the NGO in New York, where this organization is based. After the stir caused by the breakup of her marriage commitment and relationship with Jonas Bergström, Princess Madeleine decided to retire from public attention alternating staying in the U.S. city with several holiday periods. She have hardly been in Sweden during this time, except for the wedding of her sister, Princess Victoria, on June 19. After a few weeks she went back to meet the Big Apple. It is one of her favorite cities, where she lived for one year, home to some of her best friends and where they raised their humanitarian mission.

Feelgood you too doing what you really like!


and Save the Children