Misslopez at the Embassy of Spain in Sweden on Columbus day

Hello from Sweden! As I’ve promised I come now with more news from Columbus day that happens to be Spain’s national day all over the world.

I’ve just got a new camera so I’m getting used to it and that’s why these pictures come now. Well, you see it was a great party at the Embassy as usual. The Embassy of Spain in Sweden, situated in the beautiful and royal Djurgården in Stockholm, must be one of the most beautiful embassies in Sweden, a real little palace where the Ambassador lives.

This year I didn’t want to miss the event as it’s one of my traditions while in Sweden. Here you see me together with a Swedish man from the Prime Minister’s Office in Sweden, that happens to have studied Spanish a while ago where I come from, Galicia in Spain and he loves it all there! Amazing how Swedish people can be so good at Spanish and languages in general! In the other picture we have my friend and ex-boss Elisabeth Magnusson, director of the Spanish school in Stockholm with her teachers. She is Swedish as well and loves Spain too. These and many more interesting people at the Embassy where you can enjoy a really exclusive catering as it should be at the Embassy of Spain. You feel like the Queen (or the King)! 🙂

I’ll be back for sure at the Embassy next Spain’s national day! Would you like to come with me?

I’ll be back with more news tomorrow…

Feel so good!