MissLopez tips: A bad hair day?. Wear a fall hat!

Hi!. Do you like my Latino style tips? I hope so.

Well, if you have a bad hair day, nothing like a fall hat. You´ll look great! Like the one in the picture, don’t you agree? I love it. Even if you have a nice hair day as well, it’s a good idea!

Or have a look at Latina Nicole!. Isn’t she cute in this outfit with a hat all together? Nicole Richie was scheduled to sign her new book Priceless at Borders in New York City these last few days. After flight delays because of the torrential rain in New York, she had no time for hair and makeup once she landed. Miraculously, she was able to still look chic and bohemian by covering her hair with a black, wool brimmed hat and combining it with a velvet blazer, red skull scarf, torn jeans and studded black booties.

Yes it’s possible to save the situation, just use your imagination!

Look great with MissLopez Latino tips and Feelgood!