Would you dare a trip to the stars?


Hi amigos from cyber space!

Yes, everything is possible with Super MissLopez! I’ve allways felt MissLopez is a kind of super hero as well, with woman superpowers. Don’t you agree?. 🙂  Could you imagine MissLopez like Superman flying in the sky?. Now it’s possible and I may do it some day if I have the chance. Otherwise to dream doesn’t cost a thing but for now I’ll tell you how!

Who has not dreamed of being an astronaut? Floating in zero gravity space and fly up to 10,000 feet altitude? Who has not wanted to feel what it would be walking on Mars or on the Moon? launched a website specializing in space travel, the only Spanish company that offers such a service. It can do so thanks to an agreement with two major U.S. companies in the sector, Space Adventures and Zero G. A recent agreement with Zero G enables whoever wants to, to step into the shoes of a real astronaut and float in the air. offers all the necessary information to touch the stars in three flight programs: zero gravity, orbital and suborbital. You choose. What a life experience! Do you dare?

A big step for mankind for sure…

Travel with MissLopez’s tips to the stars  and Feelgood! Cool!!!!!!!