Hot Swedish men or not hot. That´s the question!. Have fun instead!

Hola amigos! He’s hot! Here Spanish actor Javier Bardem with Julia Roberts on the film Eat Love and Pray. I really like Javier Bardem, a mixture of a macho-gentleman man with tenderness as well. And best of all, he’s fun!. I went to the cinema today to see this film and I must say, when he comes out almost at the end, then it’s the hottest part of the film, and the funniest! I love it!

Well, I’m so happy to have my new assistant MisterLopez to help me with MissLopez´s blog. The truth is I am getting too busy these days and I don’t have time with everything I have to do. Great to have an assistant to give a hand with my tasks. And he’s a man, so he can give his manhood feedback to my posts. In fact as a respond to his last post, I agree it is an  interesting question I have been asked on Swedish TV, Förkväll about Swedish men. I don’t know if I’ll dare to say all the truth, but as many have asked me afterwards, I’ll try to answer now I feel more relaxed.

Hot men or not hot, that’s the question! Jokes aside Misterlopez is right when he says that Scandinavian men may be exotic to people from the south in both looks and personality. I myself have succumbed to the charm of Swedish men and that’s why I came to this country in the first place, from Spain to Sweden. Interesting! They may be much less expressive than other men, if you compare then to Spanish or Italian men to say something. Yes they have a different way, a much more cool way. In Spain women are supposed to be cool, well, well…

Cést la vie! :).

One reason can be perhaps because of shynes or some fears. I don´t know, OK as long it’s not just games, whatever! As MisterLopez says it’s all about taste. But if you ask me this question, do need Swedish men a Latino makeover, I’ll tell you then, why not?. There is nothing wrong with a bit of fire in your life, even for Swedish men. Nevertheless the question here, hot, cool or not cool, humor is the most important to me in this matter. What is life without humor?

So you Swedish guys now, get inspired by a Latin lover like Spanish Javier Bardem and have Fun! Enjoy Life!