What´s the look of a real businesswoman?. Check it out!

Hello Latin trend lovers!. I have found this video on YouTube and I think it´s a lot of fun and a bit of a joke!. Funny!:)
Whatever a “real” businesswoman should look like, probably the most important is the inside, but in a few hours I am going to put on TV4 Förkväll a bit of spice to the “lagom” Swedish woman with, I should say, neutral style, specially when it comes to businesswomen as there is a lot of  equality in style betwen men and women in Sweden. I think it´s a missundertanding!. I hope you don´t get me wrong…
Why should you look almost “masculine” to be taken seriously by sociaty as businesswoman?. It´s that so than men are afraid of women?. Even if you don´t believe me, you can find more of this businesswomen style in Spain, not that common in Sweden.
Why not showing a more feminine You, classy woman with style, a litle bit daring sometimes even as a businesswoman as well?. Yes there is nothing wrong about showing off our feminity even in business. Business and women is a good combination and we do no need to look “neutral” like anyone else. Show off the woman in You!
I´ll try my best and tell how it goes!. I hope not to be too nervous, considering it´s on air.
Fun anyway!
Dare to show off the businesswoman  in You and Feelgood!