Me, MissLopez, FalkUggla and Carolina Gynning on Swedish TV4, Förkväll

Hello from Stockholm, Sweden to anywhere in the world you may be!. Thank God Carolina Gynning (in the center) had a camara with her at the program so now I can share it with you!. You see the popular TV team in the other picture.  More about  Gynning. Check it out!

What a nice woman in all senses, a real Feelgood Woman!.

I must say, it´s been a crazy, “loco” day for me as well after the tension of being in a TV program on air. Nevertheless it made things easier that everybody at the program were so nice.

This is a variety lifestyle Swedish program where I had the chance to share my MissLopez tips so Annika FalkUggla could get a businesswoman style with a litle bit of Latin touch. It was funny when I was being asked about Swedish men. Are they too cool? Do they need to get more “spicy” too?. Maybe in my next makeover…:)

Show off your feminine curves with style and Feelgood

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