I feel romantic this Fall!

Hi there!. See the Asturias forest close to Galicia, where my grandmother came from!. Isn´t it lovely?. The thing is fall makes me romantic, and to you?
We’re in the autumn. It is without doubt the most romantic time full of dreams. An ideal time to get lost in any of my walks, I hope yours too. From the enchanting forests of Asturias to the Sierra de Aracena in Huelva, from Irati in Navarre to the beech de Tejera Negra in Guadalajara, from Palencia to the mountain valley in the Alpujarra Lecrín … The whole Spain is now beginning to appear these days magically touched by the sweet melancholy of autumn. Well I must say, Sweden is very beautiful at this time too. I guess I´ll have to walk in Sweden as I´ll  visit Spain back later on.
Isn´t it romantic?. I think so.
Go for a romantic walk and Feelgood. Good to clear your mind!
Visit Spain during Fall: Info Spain