I dedicate Feelgood Womanhood to Marilyn!. Express your feelings and Feelgood

Retrato de Marilyn Monroe (1952)

Hello!. I think there is something special about Marilyn and after I´ve found this at Spanish paper El Pais, I wish I could have said to her: FEELWOOD  WOMANHOOD too. The thing is I am doing a thesis about the importance of expressive writting and how blogging can make you Feel Good!. Maybe if at that time,when she lived, she had the change to have her own blog, like “MissMarilyn” or so, she would have felt good or at least better, maybe.  This shows anyway the importance of expressing our feelings to others, and what is best than writting. Express your feelings by writting will make you feel good!
We thought we knew everything about her. But the myth of Hollywood had a secret: she had a compulsive need to write her feelings, and that´s why I think blogging expressing her feelings and thoughts to others would have been good to her. There is a new coming book about Marilyn´s writtings.
The fact that Marilyn Monroe was a very insecure in herself, a sad woman that felt lonely explained her need to write her feelings. Because she could be joyful but fatigue at the same time with depression and pessimism, result of an extremely sensitive and intelligent personality, rounded up losing all hope in herself,  commit suicide the morning of 4 August 5, 1962 home (the only one who had owned) of Brentwood, Los Angeles, a simple home, Spanish colonial style, with little furniture and a Latin inscription at the entrance: Cursum Perficio (here ends the journey).
How could she feel lonely, the most adored women in the world? Nobody doubts that her three husbands loved her, or that her lovers (of the Kennedy brothers to Elia Kazan, Frank Sinatra, Yves Montand and Marlon Brando), but none could give her comfort. She obviously didn´t feel good. Instead Marilyn took refuge in her thoughts short, sketchy, childlike but not naive, essentially poetry-whether in prose or verse-whose reading reflects an actress with creative drive and an inexhaustible need for knowledge about life. She was seeking the meaning of her life.
Maybe she was sick although I think the bridge betwen happyness or the opposite, is marginal and you find it in yourself. It´s upp to you to find peace so you have the power to Feelgood and when you realize that, you are in charge.
So find out what you want, then get control of your life and Feelgood, ´cause you´re worth it. It´s upp to you. The big problem here is our fears, so dare to change it!.
Get in charge of your feelings and Feel Good= FEELGOOD to everybody