Do you see Jennifer Lopez as a Latina successful business woman?, or…a nanny

Hej!. La Lopez is for sure a good businesswoman, don´t you think?.
Jennifer Lopez has been working her butt off lately! Sealing her deal with American Idol just last week for a reported $12 million, La Lopez is apparently simultaneously developing a new comedy for ABC through her Nuyorican production company.
The show will follow three different families who live in Los Angeles, and tell the story through the eyes of the nanny. The move makes sense as J.Lo had been in earlier talks with ABC about developing a TV series based on her hit romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan, but some are crying foul over what they see as a public embrace of stereotypes of Latinas by the pop star.

Do you think J.Lopez should make a TV serie about Latin successul businesswomen instead?.
Yes or No?. What do you think?. I do.

Vivan las businesswomen and Feelgood!