Good communication with your doctor will make you Feelgood!

Hello!. I hope everybody know the importance of human communication at any level. But did you know that a good communication with your doctor,  is essential for an effective treatment for you as a patient as well?. Yes pedagogy is important to doctors to learn not just the subject itself!. The importance of pedagogy. Let´s see.

The good part of it, it´s that internet and new technologies can be helpful, even in this matter. Communication with health professionals is not always easy and many forget about it. However, there is scientific evidence according to new studies and a survey in Spain from OCU showing that the complicity between patient and doctor improves treatment outcomes, strengthens the emotional health, reduce symptoms and help you to manage pain in a better way. Then I think we must do everything possible to improve it, our human communication.

In general, women in the health sector score higher than their male counterparts in this section, maybe because women are better at communication in general. It´s proven that the attitude of health professionals strongly influence how patients perceive and how they communicate with them. Thus, when the professional is giving you a more active role in making decisions about your own health, this will improve communication.
By contrast, an authoritarian style or controller, in which the patient is the passive subject of the doctor’s decisions, will result in worse communication and, ultimately, less satisfaction.In any case, if you are not satisfied with your doctor or other health care professional and have the option of switching to another (something not always easy), try to exercise your right. I´ll do that in this case.
The new technologies of information and communication (Internet, email, SMS, electronic health card …) are very important in the health field. One of the most interesting possibilities is to open new channels, faster and comfortable for citizens’ access to health professionals, and most see more advantages than disadvantages in applying these new technologies.
Still there are fears about new technologies and the confidentiality of personal data. In any case, it is worth promoting new technologies because they open new possibilities for improving the quality of health services.
For sure we´ll save a lot of problems in this world with better communication. Improve communication by being nice 🙂 . Smile and Feelgood
Feelgood Womenhood