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MissLopez on Swedish films sometimes

Hello there! Here I am in a photo session. I hope you like it! Thanks to this picture I got an ad job on TV for TV4 in Sweden a while ago.

Well, tomorrow is the 1st of November and I don’t like the thing that it’s so dark in Sweden this time of the year, so I hope Feelgood Blogging as I call it, it will cheer me up and you can help me too.

Well some friends have just called me to tell me they have seen me on Swedish TV in different programs and I didn’t know. I haven’t told you much about it but participating in films, TV series…is one of my hobbies, or even kind of job sometimes, it depends how much the telephone rings :)…In fact I’ve been in many films working more or less like an extra but most of the time I don’t even have it in mind, so when people tell me I do not even remember. I’m not good at recollecting, sorry!

I must say it’s a lot of fun and I’ve had the opportunity to meet most of the famous Swedish actors. Like the one I did at the end of this summer with Ola Rapace and Peter Magnusson among others. Check it out! Next time I’ll bring my camera with me and I promise I’ll keep you updated in the future with my extra film-jobbs and Swedish actors .

I think MissLopez’s blog and the show-business goes very well along too.  In the past I’ve been studing at university and working so much that I’ve never even though the show-business it could be something for me as I’ve never really tried. I’d be cool to work for Almodovar :)….Let´s see but it’s fun anyway!

Thanks to my blogg I’m giving my hand to the association for extras in Sweden. Check it out too!. Statist Tommie is the president.

You know, even as a hobby, there is no business, like the show-business, and it’s true!

Have Fun even in November and Feelgood!

Check out Salon du chocolat in Paris: tasty and chic!

Hello! November is around the corner and I feel I need something sweet to cheer me up in the darkness of November. Let’s see what happens to me this coming month and I hope November is full of good sweet surprises…
Meanwhile I get inspiration from Paris, France, Spain’s Big Brother 🙂 Until November 1 Paris becomes the ‘sweeter’ capital by the conclusion of a new edition of “Salon du Chocolat ‘, a contest in which fans of this universal food come together to enjoy a program full of activities: cooking demonstrations live by the hand of renowned chefs, contests, prizes, tastings, children carve …
All this in a room that, once again, has become surprising in its coming-out party with a spectacular parade (the gateway ‘Trends chocolate), where garments made with this product are the protagonists. Original costumes with chocolate, but yes, in ecological version, trend ‘eco’ and always under the banner of fair trade. Have a look at some of the stunning models that could be seen in the parade!
I have a sweet tooth today! And do you like chocolate? I guess that you do.
Enjoy chocolate sometimes and Feelgood!

MissLopez Halloween tips: "scary" cocktail for everybody

Hello! I hope it’s not too late to enjoy the party but here comes a” Scary Orange “, in two versions: with and without alcohol so this is a good cocktail tip for everybody. You do like this:

5 parts Sweet Orange juice
7 raspberries
1 default
1 part lemon juice
2 teaspoons sugar
1 vanilla pod

We can choose a broad-based low glass that evokes the shape of a pumpkin. First introduced berries, vanilla bean, along with sugar, and crush all.
Add the lemon juice, stir well and add crushed ice or pile type.
Finally, we introduce the orange juice gradually. In this way the mixture is achieved with a color simulating flames.
Alcohol version:
At the time of adding the lemon juice, add 2 parts vodka.

Myself I don’t like vodka so I prefer the first version without alcohol.

Enjoy MissLopez’s scary cocktail and Feelgood

MissLopez News: Miss World 2010, this time from USA

Embargada por la emoción, Alexandria Mills saluda por primera vez como Miss Mundo 2010

Hello, MissLopez here! I still don’t know if I am really for or against as long as there is a Mister World 🙂 contest too but here comes the new Miss World this time from USA, so Miss USA is the winner this year. The new Miss World was born in Kentucky and is 18 years of age. She recognizes she has many concerns and she would like to travel around the world. Alexandria Mills claims to have a special talent for singing and confessed her passion for photography. In fact, in the coming months she will have to decide which college she wants to study.

I guess there are much more important things to talk about but it’s nothing wrong to enjoy the beauty in itself!

Allways looking for the beauty inside & out and Feelgood!


MissLopez's News: Love at first sight in less than a second

Hello again my Latin Lovers! :). Do you know that according to a study by the University of Syracuse in USA, love at first sight does exist for sure? It´s true! I find these kind of studies very interesting and that’s why I share it with all of You! I hope you like it!
In Roman mythologyCupid (Latin cupido, meaning “desire”) is the god of desire and  is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor.  So apparently, Cupid does exist, or at least his arrow 🙂 as that university research has revealed falling in love at first sight happens just sometimes in life, but when it happens, it takes less than a second!
According to a review by this Syracuse University that studies physical reactions resulting in love in our mind, Cupid’s arrow takes about a fifth of a second to take effect in the brain. Also, when a person falls in love, there are up 12 different areas of the brain working to produce the pleasant feeling of euphoria.
But not all types of love are the same. Like love to friends or to a mother (“unconditional” love, says the study, which is stimulated by common and different brain areas), or to a lover ( “passionate” love, stimulated by the reward in the brain). Moreover, the feeling of love affects intelligence. Several cognitive functions are in place when we are in love, as the ability of mental representation, to construct metaphors…
These results confirm that love has a scientific basis,” said study author Stephanie Nettles. Also, when love does not work it can generate a situation of emotional stress and depression for the disillusioned. So there is also a lack of love as a disease.
Of course, the study does not indicate whether the positive effects of love have an expiration date. We’d better take the risk!
And now, do you believe in love at first sight? I do.
Fall in Love by Cupido and Feelgood. Viva el Amor!

MissLopez's Zumba news: Zumba4u+Stockholm=Feelgood!

Hola amigos y amigas! Here again with more Zumba news!
Do you remember my last post about my business lunch with Carlos from Zumba4u at the Old town in Stockholm? Good News!  Zumba is growing rapidly all over Sweden and the Stockholm’s City Sport management office has showed interest in Zumba in locations around Stockholm.  Zumba4u would be giving a lecture in Stockholm this Saturday for people to try Zumba. Nice! So keep your eyes open as Zumba and someone in your group “zumberos” will soon come to a gym near you.
If you have any question, send an mail to Carlos at More information at Zumba4u. Chek it out!
Viva Latin dance Zumba and everything that makes you feel good! 🙂

MissLopez tips: Try Spanish shoes "a la Sex and the City"!

Hola amigos y amigas! I’ve had a working day as agent of the Spanish shoes that I sell, VictoriaDelef, so I went to visit ANWR, originally from Germany but here you see me in their office in Stockholm to sell Spanish shoes of course! The good thing about ANWR is that as the owner of your shoe shop, you’ll enjoy shoe collections from basic to fashion class. Thanks to ANWR’s agreements with external suppliers as shoe retailer, you’ll have the ability to trade by aprox.185  suppliers in Sweden, and over 1,000 in all of Europe! Great!

I am waiting for their respons but if the answer is ‘Yes’, it could be very good thing specially if they make a big order. Let´s see! I´ll keep my fingers crossed! 🙂

ANWR got interested in Ballerinas by VictoriaDelef as a kind of Sex and the City thing. Very chic and I’ll tell you why! Smartina is an unique ballerina that comes in great variety of models and colors. You can use it everywhere, at work, traveling, parting…after a long day with high heels or winter shoes. Perfect to be inside and Chic! You can fold it in a handy little bag and carry it wherever you go. In your pocket for example?

Enjoy Chic- Comfort while walking and Feelgood!

Any question?, contact MissLopez Agency at Bienvenidos!

MissLopez beauty tips: Try La Lopez smokey eyes!

Hello to everybody! This is probably the most scary night of the year, but don’t be afraid :), just follow my tips to get the most mysterious eyes in order to match your party without scaring anybody. Sometimes when it comes to smokey eyes (I love smokey eyes when is well done), it is not easy to do it right, so do as La Lopez! By the way, La Lopez in Spanish means The Lopez in English refering to Jennifer Lopez in the picture. Nice, isn’t it?.

To get the look, skip the eyeliner and sweep a steel gray eye shadow along your lash line instead. Then blend a copper-pink eye shadow across your upper and lower lids. Make sure the shadow has a high-sheen, metallic finish  and voilà! You’ve successfully emulated La Lopez’s  smokey eye makeup.

Try smokey eyes a la López and Feelgood

Interested in more make-up tips? Contact MissLopez at

Hasta la vista amigos y amigas!

Viva MissLopez's blog: MissLopez+Victoria Gomez=Feelgood!

Hello again! I’m here again after a busy day but happy to be back. Thank God I have my assistant to give me a hand: MisterLopez! 🙂

Well, I must say a lot of good things are happening to me thanks to my blogg+social media like Facebook. Because of this I’ve met this really nice woman living in Sweden who is originally from Uruguay in South America, and of course when we met we spoke in Spanish. Great!

Like the business women that we are, we had a meeting at the gym where I work out, Balance at Stureplan, Stockholm. We talked about projects for MissLopez, like MissLopez awards, a MissLopez’s book…Cool!

I look forward to having my next meeting with Victoria. By the way she is very good at translations and she has the same passion as me about sharing to everybody our Latin culture to make you Feelgood! Viva womens cooperation! Together we will feel even better!


MissLopez's tips for a "terrific" Halloween night!

Are you ready for Halloween? Myself I am a very scary person for these things, and you?
Anyway, the holidays of All Saints, the Dead, or Halloween provides a new opportunity to plan something with your friends and why not do some travelling? The supernatural creatures, the Zombies, spells, witches, devils, murderers, pumpkins and skeletons are the organizers of this celebration full of terror all over the world.suggest some destinations in one night to tremble with fear:
Multi-cultural New York, the largest parade in the world
At 2030 hours on October 31, New York largest Halloween parade in the world begins, where monsters, ghosts and the most colorful fantasy creatures move to the rhythm of the street gangs that enliven the evening. It’s the most spectacular shows and surprises await at every corner: museums, zoos, terrifying the city tours and even the lively parties where repeats that trick or treating.
Path of Witchcraft in Navarra in Spain
Four hundred years are met in 2010 the Auto de Fe marked forever left the town of Zugarramurdi, whose cave today still remains shrouded in magic for having been the scene in the seventeenth century covens and orgies in the light of the moon. The occasion is ideal for walking these days one of the four routes proposed witchcraft Navarra Tourism, among which includes a visit to this mythical cave and the museum of Bruges, next to other itineraries that lead to Anocíbar, Auritz / Burguete and Bargota.
and of course, Viva Mexico!
The tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times and many places across the country to honor their dead on the 1st and 2nd November: Janitzio (Michoacán), Puebla, Catemaco, Tecómitl … But if there is a unique place has a special attachment is San Andres Mixquic, a celebration that includes everything from music, dance and theater, music, guided tours and a variety of traditional elements, with special attention to the food.
Try a more Latin Halloween too and Feelgood!
Let me know your most “scary” experience…:)