Follow Latin Misslopez and Zumba dance on Swedish TV program

Hello Latin Lovers! :). Misslopez and Zumbatwinz in Miami with the founder of Zumba in the pictures.

I am happy to inform you that Misslopez, as ambassador of the Latin trend with Misslopez´s blog and Zumbatwinz as Latin Zumba instructors will be on the Swedish TV program, Förkväll at 17:00 next Tuesday.

Well I guess this is just for the Swedish audiance but it´s a good start. I´ll be there as Latin fashion expert with cloths from Spain. I invite from here to watch me and Zumbatwinz!. Check Zumba and Zumbatwinz.

I´ll tell more later but you can check about Swedish TV4 channel if you want. Meanwhile I am looking for Spanish shops in the city of Stockholm to show you the latest Latin trends in fashion, from Spain.

I hope every woman get a bit of Latin touch anywhere you are.

Show off the Latin in you and Feelgood

Feelgood Womenhood everybody!