Watch a Latin makeover with Misslopez and Spanish fashion on TV

Hello!. Do you know that you can get tips on TV from Misslopez to have a Latin makeover with Spanish cloths and shoes…Yes, it´s true!.
By the way, next week, me, Misslopez I´ll be on a TV program in Sweden where I am going to make a Latin makeover to a Swedish girl-friend on air at Swedish TV4, Förkväll. I´ll tell you more later.
Yes I love promoting fashion from Spain where I am from and I feel happy to be a kind of ambassador for the Spanish brands as well, at least in Sweden. Here at Misslopez´s blog, you´ll get a lot of tips about Spanish fashion. Like the shoes you see in the first picture from the famous Spanish shoemaker from the TV serie, Sex and the City. Exciting if Carrie Bradshaw saw them in a shop. However, to gain a new and unique model of Manolo Blahnik, the star of Sex in New York would have to be in Spain, specifically to the capital.
This prestigious shoemaker get inspired of Madrid, to make a tribute to his roots. Like me, I want to make a tribute to my roots, Spain, specially Madrid now where my father and most of my family come from, through my blog, Misslopez.
These shoes made in silk fuchsia-purple color, assembled by hand, and with a vertiginous stiletto bending more than 11 inches, the models have the flavor of Madrid in every line and detail of its design, but are certainly the strawberry-shaped pompoms to get more attention. Bright colors taken from the Feria de San Isidro, elegant lines that emulate the motion of a bullfighter in the ring, the memory Goyesco … Madrid is the model for all those who seek to live an authentic experience in the style of ‘New York’, in the second picture, a unique opportunity which will only be on sale in the boutique firm situated in the Golden Mile of Madrid, the posh area, Serrano (like Stureplan in Stockholm or Manhatan in NY). By the way, I love Serrano area!
I want to make a tribute from here to the city where my father, Ricardo came from and myself have lived, the capital of Spain, Madrid. Viva Madrid!
And as Madrilian people say, from Madrid to Heaven= De Madrid al cielo!.
Feelgood if you visit Madrid. You´ll love it!
Check out Madrid and See you there!