Busy day as business woman today!

Hello world from Stockholm!. Today I´ve had a very busy day working as the business woman I am and now I am writting to you from my bed before I go to sleep after a long day, but I must say, I like it and I feel so good as it´s very inspiring!.
In the picture you see my business lunch today at Italian restaurant Vapiano in Stureplan, Stockholm and what you see are kind of rolls filled with salmon and spinach…really nice. But before that I went to a school as Ambassador for women´s entrepreneurship from the regional Growth Programme in Sweden to promote women in business.
Do you want to know what do I do as ambassador?
An ambassador visiting schools, colleges, networks, NGOs, etc. and talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs. An ambassador can also meet women who are looking to become entrepreneurs. A meeting with an ambassador can show that entrepreneurship can be an exciting career path.

What is my ambassador mission?

The focus on the ambassadors from the program “Promoting women’s entrepreneurship”, which Tillväxtverket in Sweden operates on behalf of the Government is to change attitudes and role models is an important feature of the program to promote women in business, much of which is about making women’s entrepreneurship more visible. The program aims to promote women in business so that more women driving, buying and developing companies. It contributes to increased employment and economic growth in Sweden. And you, what do you think we should do about it to promote women´s business?
Then I´ve had meetings all day…Yes I am a real business woman!
Venture out the business woman in You and Feelgood!=Feelgood Womenhood
Would you like to book me as Ambassador?. Check Ambassadorer