Travel to your inner journey and find yourself. Maybe in Spain?

Javier Bardem y Julia Roberts
Hi!. I am getting more an more curious about this new film with Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. Here the actors Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem at the premiere this Friday in Spain ‘Eat Pray Love. “ A film about valuing the simple things in your own life through the inner journey. Here the actors passing through the San Sebastian International Film Festival.
Outlining an excited smile, Julia said it is important to her removing all the superfluous and focusing on essentials. as well I’m a lucky woman in life and in my work, “ she added. I think the inner journey is the one everybody should travel in order to Feelgood and find balance.
Javier Bardem y Julia Roberts
Look, a  warm hug from the couple put an end to a busy day in Spain. She really seems to like Spanish actor Javier Bardem, don´t you think?. I wonder what Penelope will say?. Anyway, I believe he´s such a great guy and that´s why Julia is so happy around him. I do think Javier has good vibrations as a person, I like him too!
Well, I´ll tell you more when I get to see the film but something I´d like, it´s that the film without being a too serious has a deep inside. I like that, as it has a meaning,  I´ve heard from Javier Bardem in a video.
Well, Feelgood travelling into your inner journey!
Finding yourself in Spain?. 🙂 Check out Spain info