Princess Madeleine of Sweden and others working for a better world at UN Headquarters


Hello in a Saturday morning!. In the picture Princess Maxima of Nederlands from Argentina.
I´ve just read this news and I´ve found it interesting how royalties work for a better world or try anyway.  Are you one of those that think royalties do “almost nothing” and are just there to have a good time?. Well, read this and you´ll see their biggest roll, to work at the UN for a better world. I like royals and maybe that´s why I like this subject.
See, the royalty has been quoted in New York, not only Princess Madeleine of Sweden, others as well  like Maxima of Nederlands or Rania of Jordania in the pictures. The arrival of world leaders at the Summit on the Millennium Development Goals, which was held these days at the UN headquarters, has become this week the city of New York  in a Royal Court.
Maxima of the Netherlands  has been to the 65 th General Assembly of the United Nations to discuss this initiative for developing countries with which the Dutch are particularly committed. The Princess Maxima has chaired a conference on access to financial services in third world countries, and area in which she is a consultant staff of the UN Secretary General.
Rania of Jordan in New York has participated in most events that are planned this week for addressing the issue of adopting a global action plan to eradicate poverty and hunger by 2015 and proposed new commitments for health women and children among other initiatives.
The participation of Princess Madeleine is part of her work at the Foundation for the Children of the World (World Childhood Foundation), a NGO running by her mother, Queen Silvia, and in New York she will be working in the coming weeks. After  the breakup of her marriage commitment and relationship with Jonas Bergström,the Princess Madeleine decided to retire from public attention alternating stayed in the U.S.. Hardly she has been in Sweden at this time, except for the wedding of her sister, Princess Victoria, on 19 June and after a few weeks, back again in the Big Apple, one of her favorite cities, as for many other royals.
I like New York too.
Work for humanitarian causes even if you´re not a Royal and Feelgood