Misslopez at breakfast meating with Stockholm business region

Hello out there in the ciber space anywhere you are!.  Yesterday I have been busy in the morning in a breakfast meating at Cafe Opera in Stockholm. I was invited by Stockholm Business region that normally does these kind of things for business people or those running a business. It is allways interesting for me to go to these meatings as it´s good networkning. I must say most of visitors were men !!! and I were just one of the few women there. We, women should be more and that´s why I am Ambasador for women business in Sweden.  Here me in the pictures.
I´ll tell you more about it for specially for you interested in business in Stockholm.  Stockholm Business Region Development (SBRD) is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. SBRD assist and inform corporate investors about business opportunities. They also provide advice and practical assistance, free of charge, to companies setting up or expanding business operations in Stockholm.
Well I´d love to know your opinions. Why do you think there are so few businesswomen, in you compare to men?. What should we do?. Please let me know and I hope we can do something together.
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As allways Feelgood Womenhood