Miss Lopez presents her personal coach, Joan Cassidy!

Hello!. I have the pleasure to present you my personal coach, Joan!.
Do you have dreams and goals you want to achieve?. Do you have the desire to increase your awareness to see what thoughts and behaviors that hinder you?
Do you want to develop and challenge your potential to get where you want?
My coach can lead you down the road if you want.
You seeker and explorer, this is a little bit about Joan in the picture!
She has almost many years of experience as an actor, director, singer and
teacher in theater, television, radio and film. Debuting immediately after her three-year education at National Academy of Stockholm as an actor and singer at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in the capital of Sweden, where she worked for three years. Then she was an actor, director and educator in independent groups.A huge exciting and challenging time that inspired her to start at 1995 her entrepreneurial and cultural training KULTIVERSITETET with 35 team of employees. There she served as artistic director, innovator, mentor and coach in public and private sectors n Sweden. Over the years she has occasionally taken
fun assignment from theater, film, radio and television as an actor and
director. More at KULTIVERSITETET
Interested, contact Misslopez at for more information
Coaching is good. Feelgood with coaching