Misslopez has got a new shoe collection from Spain today!

Hello there!.

Do you have a shop where you sell shoes and bags?. I´ll show my new label. I hope you´ll like it!. You know I am the agent in Sweden of this Spanish label, Victoria Delef?. Misslopez agency has just got a whole collection and now I must work hard to introduce this label in stores in Sweden.

I´ll tell you about this label.  Spanish Victoria Delef was born to provide shoes and bags for the elegant, modern woman. Victoria Delef´s concept covers dress and casual ladies footwear offering a wide selection of matching handsbags to the footwear collection as well, as you see in the picture. My new label offers best quality, design, customer service and value for money possible so if you are interested and you have a shop in Sweden or Scandinavia, let me know and I´ll visit you with my new collection.

I look forward to showing you my new collection!.

Viva Spanish fashion and Feelgood