What is the meaning of “Feelgood Womanhood” for you?

Hello everybody!. I hope you like this picture, it´s me in a photo session a while ago. Most people think it´s fun, and I think it´s too. Wellcome with your comments…
Today I have been talking with a friend about the meaning of Feelgood Womanhood, so everybody coming to Misslopez´s blog, get right to the point. Something for sure, it´s meant to everywoman in the world, black white, latin, asian…to be proud for the woman you are. All of you!
Dare to show off the woman in you, or in another words, venture out the strong woman you want to be, as I think we are strong, even when we are week, being who we are without compromises.
I´d be good to get a good ideas from you, my friends, both men and women so together we can “rock” the world for better. What is the meaning of Feelgood Womanhood for just you?. Let me know!. Thanks!.
You´ll allways Feelgood, being You!🙂
Feelgood Womanhood