Dare to look at the eyes and face your reality!

Bardem y Roberts, en San SebastiĂĄn

Hello everybody!. I missed you! . The thing is 🙂 I®ve had a long night watching the Swedish elections before yesterday, and today I®ve been busy so I haven®t been able to sit with my computer up to now.  Sorry!.

IŽve been asked about my opinion about the Swedish elections and I think the good part of this political crisis is that the polititians and sociaty must take action and face the integration problem once for all, and this I think itŽs good. I believe something better must be done for the integration problem in Sweden, as you can no escape from issues  like these and you have to deal with problems for real. Probably this is the good part of this story!.

Well, do you know about the new film of Julia Roberts and Spanish actor Javier Bardem, where she an american divorced woman in the film try to find herself by travelling around the world?.  Here in the picture Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem stars promoting Eat pray love at the Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

Julia Roberts during the press conference in San Sebastian talked about the lack of human action in the computer age” and called for doing things that “make you feel good and in connection with others“. She said “I am obsessed with the treatment of people with each other. We stopped to look at the eyes, there is a lack of human connection, in part because computers and blogs. I think we have to fight against it, “ Good that she brings this subject as well!. What do you think?.Both actors, promote the film based on a real American woman who travels through Italy, India and Bali in an attempt to find herself as a result of lack of human connection.
IŽve read as well that the real woman in question at the end did not find herself  by travelling to exotic places but when you ask yourseft for real questions and face your issues,then youŽll find the solution and yourself. I believe you can apply this to all aspects in life, from politics to personal life.
So only when you face the problem without escaping from it, youÂŽll Feelgood!
Face your problems, dare to find yourself and Feelgood