Feelgood with integration everywhere!

Hello!.A picture of the planet Earth, isn´t it nice?. I like this picture to represent integration in the whole world and all countries, so today I am going to say my opinion about what happened in the country I live now Sweden, after leaving Spain years ago.

As you know, radicals today come first in Swedish Parliament, polls shows as a result of difficulties in integration, I guess. I do not want to get much right now into politics but I must say I believe that what happened in this Swedish elections, shows there is a big integration problem in Swedish society. Inmigrants like Iraqis,  South American and Balkan during decades, were attracted by the long tradition of hospitality and tolerance in Swedish society. But the xenophobic wave sweeping across Europe seems to have also come to these shores.

Places like Södertälje in Stockholm and many more bring out the difficulties of integration. According to Spanish paper El Pais, analysts believe that, despite having an asylum and highly advanced host system, Sweden has failed in the attempt to integrate the latest waves of immigrants. The reason may be the transition from a manufacturing economy to one based on services that has reduced the possibility of employing low-skilled labor. As well a generous welfare disincentive to labor market integration and the crisis, which now Sweden is coming at a good pace, has stirred tempers. In this way have grown now Swedish Democrats, led by Jimmie Åkesson in his thirties.
His promotion will have consequences. On the one hand, its entry into the Parliament without an absolute majority could leave the two main blocks. On the other hand, seems to be forcing a hardening of tone in the conservative bloc. We´ll see.
Yes, according to me Integration is the right word to fight for.
Integrate yourself, work for integration and Feelgood for sure!.
The question is how, and it may not be that simple.
And You, do you have an idea?. Let me know!