Misslopez with the Ambassador of Chile at the bicentennial in Sweden

Hello!. Chile in Sweden. Do you know that Chilean people is one of the biggest allien communities in Sweden?. I know many Chilean in Sweden and as we speak all Spanish is allways easier to become friends. Here you see Ambassador of Chile in Sweden, Marisol Hume, our yoga expert and me from Spain during a big party held in Alvik, Stockholm on the occasion of Chile´s bicentennial. Yesterday September 18, 2010 Chile celebrated 200 years of republican life. This date marks a landmark milestone in Chile´s history: the beginning of the process that would lead Chile to be an independent nation as it is now.
The Bicentennial of Chile is an important date for this South American country, a crucial moment to celebrate for Chilean people. The bicentenary offers Chilean people  a unique opportunity to be proud of who they are, and dream of the country they want to build for future generations.
The Bicentennial of Chile is a unique opportunity to engage every citizen and institution in building the country, which could be defined through the Bicentennial Securities. The goal is to build a country:

  • that rescues, values and respects their identities.
  • free and democratic that promotes a culture of freedom and participation, promoting the development of areas of expression, interaction and dialogue citizens.
  • A diverse and integrated country to promote culture of tolerance and non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue and the inclusion of discriminated communities.
  • socially equitable and solidarity to promote equality of opportunity and develop social skills for self-promotion.
  • in growth that drives the development of the capacities of people, articulates strategic private and public sectors and encourages innovation in products and processes and use of new technologies.
  • in harmony with the environment that promotes a culture of environmental care and respect and love for animals and nature in general.

Well, I think Chilean people are working hard on it so Congratulation to Chile´s bicentennial.