Pippi Longstocking has won the heart of people in Spain, mine too

Hello on this Saturday morning!. You may know already that Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Calzaslargas in Spanish, has been my biggest icon since I watched the TV serie in Spain when I was a child and she has given me a lot of inspiration, even for Misslopez.
The thing is I am not alone about that. A Spanish magazine has had a poll these days and the result was that Pippi has been the biggest icon of all to the majority of Spanish people during childhood. Pippi was born from the pages of a Swedish children’s story in the decade of 40 and since then, this character, and in particular the television version carried more than twenty years later, has won the hearts of the vast majority of children of the 70 and 80 in Spain. I am sure in more countries too as there is something about Pippi, don´t you think?.
I love Pippi!. Viva Pippi and women´s  superpowers 🙂 : Feelgood Womenhood!
And you, who has been your icon by the way?