Zumba is the best “party” compromise. I´ll tell you why!

Hi again!. Here Zumbatwinz in Miami with Colombian Zumba founder. I really like the idea about Zumba. I have allways found “normal” fitness at the gym very boring. I like Zumba because it’s a party, it emulates being in a nightclub without the drinking, the smoking, the bad pickup lines. Zumba is tbe best compromise!. Fun and Fitness together without the “bad” things!. By the way I´ll keep you informed about the good thngs about Zumba: good to  get fit, for self confident, good for moms without time to party...
What it´s was just an idea, now it´s a big trend, international as well!. The exercise gained a toehold in Miami in 1999 and has spread its international rhythms and flamenco footwork around the world specially in USA at the beginning where it´s started.
Zumba is big!. It just absolutely exploded. and now coming to Scandinavia/ Sweden too!.
Come to Zumba cruise you too!. More info Zumbakryssning
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