More good news for Spanish cinema in Venice Film festival

Pilar López de Ayala y Leonor Watling
Álex de la Iglesia
Hola!. As Woody Allen said in his visit to Spain, there is something very good about Spanish film industry these days and today is one of the most popular after the American from Hollywood.
Spanish cinema is to be congratulated again. At the closing ceremony of the 67th edition of the Venice Film Festival, held on the evening of last Saturday, the director Álex de la Iglesia in the picture won two awards, the Osella for Best Screenplay and the Silver Lion for Best Director for his film Sad Ballad of a trumpet.
The Film Festival also had the Spanish flavor of the actresses Pilar Lopez de Ayala and Leonor Watling for film LOPE submitted, but out of competition, , a biopic about Lope de Vega  (a great Spanish novelist from the Spanish golden age) who has been directed by the director Andrucha Waddington. You see the two actresses in the picture.
Myself I am interested in film as well and quite often I have the oportunity to do small jobbs in Sweden. By the way this Tuesday and Wednesday I am going to work  in an Italian film in Stockholm at Grand Hotel named “The last catwalk” . I´ll tell you more about my experience afterwards. I hope to get some good pictures to share with you.
Viva Spanish films, actors and actresses and Feelgood!