Misslopez soon in an Italian shooting at Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Hello!. You know I love the seveth art, I mean movies and working in shootings as I actually do sometimes. Today Tuesday and tomorrow I am going to be in the shooting of an Italian film at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.  Every time I work in this things, I have a lot of fun, so I hope it will be the same tomorrow. I hope not to get sick or something…
I´ll tell you about this production rigt now. Italian Medusa production and Swedish films AZ proudly presents their new thriller “The end of the catwalk” that takes place in Milan’s legendary fashion world to the Swiss Alps, the most beautiful of Stockholm and in the idyllic Fjällbacka outside Gothenburg. Taking part in this exciting thriller there will be Italian car chases, fashion shows, luxury nightclubs and beautiful palaces!
Acting the beautiful Swedish model photo Alexandra. The film is directed by Carlo Vanzina, one of Italy’s largest and most beloved directors who have produced nearly 20 feature films, among other things, “South Kensington” where he worked with stars such as Elle Macpherson and Rupert Everett.
In this film I may meet famous actors and models from Sweden, England and Italy as Richard E Grant and Vanessa Hessler. The Swedish roles are made by Mr and Mrs Birch Mybrand as we have seen on television and film, and at Stockholm’s City Theatre and Royal Dramatic scenes. For the Swedish production is the Swedish actress, director and producer Ann Zacharias and her film company AZ.
From the 13-18 September 2010 the movie is shooting in Stockholm and Gothenburg and in Fjällbacka. The rest of autumn is the film set in Switzerland and Italy.
The film will be shown in cinemas across Italy next year.
For contact information in Sweden: Ann Zacharias executive producer or
Sara Alström production assistant sara.alstrom @ 070 142 17 67
Well I hope to get some good pictures tomorrow!
Viva the seventh art and Feelgood